Package org.bibop.xml.xforge

Interface Summary
AttributesListener Base interface for x:forge attribute handling inside elements.
Element Interface for a generic x:forge element
ParametersListener Base interface for x:forge parameters handling.
ParameterValue Interface for a parameter value
ReactorElement Interface for an x:forge element that generates events directly to the processor
XForgeContext Base interface for context identification

Class Summary
AbstractElement A default implementation of SAX events processing, compiling, caching and so on.
AttributeElement Dynamically create an XML element attribute
AutomationElement The real thing.
ConditionalElement Loop, Tests ...
DeclareElement Variable Declaration
DeclareNodeElement Node Declaration
DeclareNumberElement Number Declaration
DeclareStringElement Number Declaration
ElementFactory Factory of x:forge elements.
ElementsStack A stack of x:forge elements.
ElseElement If ...
EvaluateElement Loop ...
GetVariableElement Loop ...
IfElement If ...
ImportElement Include an external x:forge library
IncludeElement Include an external x:forge library
ParameterElement Dynamically evaluate a parameter and pass it to its parent.
ParameterValueImpl Interface for a parameter value
ProcessElement The real thing.
ProcessingOptions Holds the processing options that can be set to the XForgeProcessor
SetVariableElement Dynamically evaluate a parameter and pass it to its parent.
TagElement Dynamically creates an XML element
Test A utility class to test x:forge.
TestEvaluateElement Loop ...
TestMultiThreadXForge A utility class to test x:forge in a multithreading environment.
VariablesBroker Broker for the variable passed to x:forge Components.
WhileLoop Loop ...
XForgeProcessor The main entry point for the x:forge framework.

Exception Summary
IllegalElementChildException Thrown when an illegal child is found.
XForgeException Generic x:forge exception.

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